Thursday, February 26, 2015

 I had a great phone call today, that just reinforces the knowledge that the path we are on is the right one.
One of our customers has been taking care of a friend who is in kidney and liver failure, and is presently on dialysis. He has been given 2-3 months to live.  "Bill" contacted me and  asked what could be done to help his friend. I had to be very careful about making any suggestions because of the dialysis, but told him to talk to his doctor and see if milk thistle could be added to his regimen. "Bill told the doctor of his experience with milk thistle and had his doctor talk to the new doctor.  The doctor approved using a guaranteed potency milk thistle of 350 mg. This morning I was told  that the patient not only was alert, but took his own medicine and then asked for wipes to clean up. The doctor is amazed that the patient is as alert and active as he is. This after only five days on the milk thistle. Bill and his wife were crying as they told me the story. Truly, there are miracles to witness using these gifts from the Creator. I am not saying the patient is out of the woods, but the milk thistle is helping and, who knows? We will keep watching his progress.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quality Counts

Just had a lady in today, who was trying to detox her liver from some very powerful meds. She said she was using a drug store brand of milk thistle, and was still not getting better after almost a year. This is just another example of knowing the good brands from the rest. We have had so many people make unbelievable improvements  and recoveries when using a quality product. If you are taking something and haven't seen improvement in 2-3 months, you probably have the wrong stuff. Please, stay away from discount, drug store and other house brands of herbs. The quality is not there.

Friday, February 13, 2015

How much crap are you full of?

I just heard a commercial taking about " you could be carrying up to 22 pounds of waste in your colon." Fear not, for they have the answer to a healthy colon and can help you rid yourself of all that unwanted waste and weight,..... for a fee  of course... I have seen ads in the paper and in magazines showing the same diseased colon over  and over. You know, the same one that was taken from John Wayne. Didn't you know he died with that same 22 pounds of stuff in him.  Really? Where do people get this from?  Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Did you weigh 22 pounds less after the clean out? I didn't think so. Are we that niave? Have we become children in our innocence and believe EVERTHING we read on the internet?

NY Attorney General goes after bad supplements

 Did you happen to catch the news about Walmart, Walgreens GNC and Target?  It seems they have been selling herbal supplements that did not even contain the main ingredient  or had ingredients not listed on the label. Walmart's Echinacea contained no echinacea, while GNC's St Johns Wort contained no St Johns wort.  One supplement even contained "houseplant", whatever that is.  This might be one reason you can buy "standardized" products for so little. Apparently it did not cost much in the first place because the herb wasn't there.  For decades my wife and I have been trying to warn consumers about the  quality of products and the secondary market. In this case, it is not the fact they sold used product, it was that there was no product.

 I have always marvelled at some of these companies that can offer a "buy one get two free." How is that possible that you can give away two thirds of your inventory and still make a profit?   That would be like owing one dollar and giving away three dollars. Seriously? How good do you think that first bottle was?

Just some food for thought. Oh, and please do not think I am advocating for some of the garbage sold on the internet at exorbitant prices.  We were all raised with the idea that you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the con men and shysters figured that out and are raking in millions on the trusting souls hoping to find help for their pain or suffering.

Just remember, CAVEAT EMPTOR. Let the buyer beware. If you do not know the company, you had better know  someone who can honestly advise you on some of the products.