Friday, February 13, 2015

How much crap are you full of?

I just heard a commercial taking about " you could be carrying up to 22 pounds of waste in your colon." Fear not, for they have the answer to a healthy colon and can help you rid yourself of all that unwanted waste and weight,..... for a fee  of course... I have seen ads in the paper and in magazines showing the same diseased colon over  and over. You know, the same one that was taken from John Wayne. Didn't you know he died with that same 22 pounds of stuff in him.  Really? Where do people get this from?  Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Did you weigh 22 pounds less after the clean out? I didn't think so. Are we that niave? Have we become children in our innocence and believe EVERTHING we read on the internet?

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