Thursday, February 26, 2015

 I had a great phone call today, that just reinforces the knowledge that the path we are on is the right one.
One of our customers has been taking care of a friend who is in kidney and liver failure, and is presently on dialysis. He has been given 2-3 months to live.  "Bill" contacted me and  asked what could be done to help his friend. I had to be very careful about making any suggestions because of the dialysis, but told him to talk to his doctor and see if milk thistle could be added to his regimen. "Bill told the doctor of his experience with milk thistle and had his doctor talk to the new doctor.  The doctor approved using a guaranteed potency milk thistle of 350 mg. This morning I was told  that the patient not only was alert, but took his own medicine and then asked for wipes to clean up. The doctor is amazed that the patient is as alert and active as he is. This after only five days on the milk thistle. Bill and his wife were crying as they told me the story. Truly, there are miracles to witness using these gifts from the Creator. I am not saying the patient is out of the woods, but the milk thistle is helping and, who knows? We will keep watching his progress.

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