Friday, May 8, 2015

Homeopathy under assault!

The FDA has proposed revisiting its policies on homeopathy, after problems with products like ZICAM and AIRBORN, which in my opinion are not really homeopathics in the truest sense. Some in the industry say they support the government’s efforts in order to get rid of some bad apples, but they hope this does not become a crusade against homeopathy as a whole. After reading some blogs and websites, it appears the anti homeopathy and anti alternative forces are coming out of the woodwork on a witch hunt.

Most of the posts i read had  referred to the lack of scientific evidence or proper studies.
The most irritating statements came from people who stated that homeopathy goes against known chemistry ,science, and physics, or they made fun of the “water memory” idea.
Fortunately, I attended a workshop many years ago, conducted by James Oschman PhD, a world authority on energy and complementary medicine. He wrote a book on the scientific basis of energy medicine, and covered homeopathy in chapter 10.  
In just a few paragraphs  Oschman clearly explained in scientific terms what the “water memory “ is. Here is just an example:

In homeopathy, molecular signatures are transferred from a biologically active molecule to the water in which it is dissolved. This happens when the homeopath “successes” the sample.  Succussion is a method of vibrating or sending a shockwave through the solution. Dissolved molecules are made to vibrate intensely and coherently and they therefore emit their electromagnetic signatures( emission spectrum)
One plausible mechanism for water memory storage, published by Dr. C.W. SmIth(1985) is that hydrogen bonds hold water together in a helical structure  that acts like a coil. The magnetic components of fields emitted by the vibrating molecules induce current flows through the water helix. These currents reverberate within the water structure, much like the ringing of a bell.  Even when the sample has been diluted to the point that the original molecule is gone,  the signals stored in the water continue to vibrate for a long time.”
The ability of atomic systems to recall coherent electromagnetic pulses is known to physicists (Brewer and Hahn 1984)”

Okay, so maybe it is not simple, but it is very understandable. Our bodies are 70% water. there are systems in our bodies we still do not fully understand. We still cannot explain what gives us life, for heaven’s sake!
So when  detractors say there is no scientific basis for homeopathy, it just means they have not looked far enough, or it does not fit their measuring process. Homeopathy may not fit neatly into Newtonian physics, but it sure as hell fits with quantum physics.

One last note:  Even if homeopathy is placebo, so is every medicine. If homeopathy is a placebo, and we are witless dupes, please explain to me how a skittish horse can be given  Ignatia, and minutes later it will be docile. How did you get the horse to understand it would work? I know, the detractors will say this is anecdotal.  My feeling is there is not enough money to be made by the big Pharma to really care about working with homeopathy. Just my opinion.

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